Coyote midfielder preparing for senior season

Reed City's Claudia Francke (left) battles a Crossroads player for the ball in action last season. (Herald Review file photo)

Reed City's Claudia Francke (left) battles a Crossroads player for the ball in action last season. (Herald Review file photo)

REED CITY -- Claudia Francke was looking forward to her junior soccer season with the Reed City girls soccer team.

The season was canceled more than two weeks ago because of the coronavirus issue.

Francke played varsity the last two seasons for Reed City.

"It went really well," she said. "I really enjoyed playing soccer, especially with Andrea (Pollaski) as our as our coach. She's been the best."

Francke has almost always played mid left field for Reed City soccer.

"Mid field is back and forth," Francke said. "You're playing defense, offense, and I cross the ball in the middle and do all those things."

Francke said she was "very disappointed" at the cancellation of the season.

"It's sad, I understand why it has to happen," she said. "It's definitely disappointing, not just for me not to be able to play but I'm very sad for our seniors. I love our seniors this year and I'm really sad I don't get to play for them one last season."

Francke liked the potential of the 2020 Coyote soccer team.

"We had a really great shot at coming out at first at our conference, especially with the freshmen we've got and our seniors are really good," Francke said. "I felt we would have had a really good team this year."

Francke has played the sport since she was 4 years old.

Francke played Reed City volleyball her sophomore year. In the fall she ran cross country for a Coyote team, which won the CSAA Gold title.

"It was the best, I loved cross country so much," Francke said. "It was so much fun to do something new."

Francke does beach volleyball in the summer to stay in shape.

"We play by Lake Michigan, so it's a lot of fun," she said. "In the past I played with my mom, which is a lot of fun, plus some of my friends."

Francke plans on running cross country again in the fall and hopes to do some conditioning and stay in shape during the summer.

"Last year, I had sprained my ankle badly at the end of soccer season," she said. "I wasn't able to be in shape as I wanted to be for the cross county season."

For the 2021 soccer season, "I think we'll still have a really strong team," Francke said, "because of the amount of freshmen we have this year and I'm sure there will be good freshmen coming up as well. As we practice and do all the right things, I think we can have a strong team, and be good."