Coyote guard looking to help team win games

REED CITY —  Hanna Price has been leading her Reed City girls basketball team in scoring in several games and the junior guard for the Coyotes is looking to help the team get into the win column.

Price scored 12 points in a loss Friday against Newaygo.

“We’ve had a little bit of a struggle but we work hard at practice,” she said. “We don’t know how to finish yet. We need to figure out how to finish and stay ahead.”

The Coyotes have been putting themselves into a position to win.

“We’ve had some close games and games when we’ve been up at halftime,” Price said. “But then we let (the other team) pull ahead and we’re not really sure how to get back.”

Price is a second-year varsity player and was expected, entering the season, to play a huge role for the Coyotes. That’s been the case, especially in scoring.

“We need to work on taking more shots and handling the ball well and limiting turnovers,” Price said. “You can always improve on the little things.”

Since November, “we’ve come quite a long way and have improved a lot,” Price said. “We need to keep working on shooting more and being more physical. Since the beginning of the year and since the summer, we have come a long way.”

The Coyotes are looking for that first win but have come out stronger in various games, Price noted. Earlier in the season, they had been plagued with slow starts.

“We still need to work on the finishing aspect of the game,” she said.