REED CITY— It can be a busy time of year for an athlete.

Just ask Reed City’s Brandon Wirth. He’s a four-sport athlete with cross country and soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring. He’s been in the gym and other areas working on his game.

He was on varsity in cross country and soccer, and JV in the other sports during the 2015-16 season.

“Right now we’re working on our shooting before our Morey Court league we have going on,” Wirth said prior to a JV basketball practice. “Basically, I’m trying to get better at every sport and trying to be a leader for all of them.”

He’s focusing on every sport with various workouts. He’s also playing in a summer baseball league and eventually will partake in running workouts with the cross country team. Various programs started as soon as school dismissed for the summer

“It’s a matter of getting a lot of sleep and talking to my coaches to make sure I do everything I can,” Wirth said

Zac Saez, a Coyote basketball player, was working out with Wirth in the middle school gymnasium. He’s been practicing with JV teams and focusing on basketball.