REED CITY -- Reed City had been accustomed to lots of successful November football in past seasons and the Coyotes were hoping they could knock off the state's No. 2-ranked Kingsley Stags on Friday.

But despite an early 8-6 lead, Kingsley showed its might with a 34-8 halftime lead and 48-36 victory.

Kingsley advanced at 10-0 while Reed City's season ended at 6-4.

Quarterback Jeffrey Samuels was 4-of-10 for 72 yards. Austin Whitehead had two pass catches for 42 yards, while Landen Tomaski had one for 15 and Noah Jones one for 15 and a touchdown.

Reed City had 36 rushes for 283 yards. Tomaski had 11 carries for 137 yards and a touchdown. Jones had 4 carries for 71 yards and a touchdown. Auston Major-Kailing had nine carries for 48 yards and a score. Brendan Ruppert had three for 28 yards and a touchdown.

"They came out right off the get go and I thought we matched it," Reed City coach Scott Shankel said. "We played a solid first quarter, then we fell apart and some bad plays happen for us in the second plus a fumble at halftime, which led to another score. They're No. 2 in the state for a reason. They're a good team. They got off the ball, stayed low and moved people. They're very athletic. They get off the ball pretty good."

Shankel had an emotional postgame talk with his players.

"I told them I was very proud of them," he said. "When you lose a class like we did last year and rebound and have a successful season like we did with guys who didn't get as much time in big situations last year, I'm proud of them. They kept us going in the right direction."