Coyote JV soccer team short on numbers, but not spirit

REED CITY — Reed City High School’s JV girls soccer team is having a great season so far at 4-1.

After winning their first two games, the team was hit hard by the injury of one of their front line players, Makenzie Switzer.

With a badly injured hip, she would be out on crutches and not able to play for awhile.

Followed by their first loss to Lakeview at 0-4t, the girls were a little down. Already having a short team, the loss of one player left Coach Danielle Emington with no one to substitute at all during a game.

Then, when most needed at that time, Alaina Woodard joined the Coyote girls — fitting right in.

After a short recovery time, Makenzie was back on the field in their game against Big Rapids last week.

With Coyote pride and the encouragement of her teammates, she made it through the game. It was ultimately a hat trick by Kendra Repo that gave the Coyotes another win with the score 3-1.

The team played Clarethis past Saturday, and again took the victory with a score of 3-0.

It was a sweet victory, as the recently recovered Makenzie made two of those goals and new player Alaina made the last one.

These girls have an amazing amount of teamwork when out on the field, calling to and encouraging one another during the game. For several of the players that have not been on a soccer field before, the improvements are very noticeable. Coach Emington is doing a great job for her first season.

“We have a good set of athletic girls but it doesn’t stop there, they are smart too,” said the coach proudly of her team. “We couldn’t do half of the things we do if they didn’t have the ability to combine the two.”

“Working with a small number of quality oriented girls has given us the chance to develop deeper skills than JV teams of 20-30 players. It is such a pleasure to go be able to challenge them with things beyond the basics.

“They are competitive and that makes all the difference. I’m so proud of how far we have come as a team.

“We started with three girls who had ever played before and worked our way to winning games.

“The girls have a will to win but they don’t ever lose their class, its a beautiful thing!”