Cox does the job with local bass fishing club

Brad Cox
Brad Cox

LEROY -- Brad Cox has had a fun summer. It’s all thanks to the Hog Hunters.

Cox has been in the Osceola County area for 11 years. He’s a native of Marion. For seven years, he’s been a LeRoy area taxidermist.

Cox is director of the Hog Hunters, which formed this year and was a part of a group that formed in the late 1990s and was one of the largest bass clubs in northern Michigan at one time.

“I had some buddies that fished in it and the original one was ending,” Cox said.

He decided to take it over and had tournaments once a week during the summer. Every Wednesday, the tournament went 6-9 p.m. The first one was after the bass season opened. It ended in late August.

The lakes include Rose and Big Lake in Osceola County and Chippewa Lake in Mecosta County. Rose Lake hosted three tournaments and Big Lake one. The club has 33 members and includes men, women and youngsters.

“We have people from Cadillac, all the way to Big Rapids,” Cox said, noting that a majority are from Osceola County.

There were usually awards for the biggest bass and the most weight of all the fish. There’s a critters category that includes non-bass fish.

There are some local anglers that have fished tournaments for around 30 years, Cox noted.

Cox fishes two or three times a week and also enjoys trout fishing on the river. The biggest bass he’s ever caught is a 5-pounder. At one time, he caught at 40-inch pike at Rose Lake.

Fishing remains strong in the area as far as Cox is concerned.

Tournament winners fish in a classic later this summer.