TUSTIN — It’s convenient for Tustin residents Don and Susan Andreen to play at Tustin Trials Golf Course. After all, they only live three-quarters of a mile from the course.

Susan was born and raised in the area.

“We went to Grand Rapids and then we’ve been back here for almost 20 years, Susan said.

They’ve been in  the couples league since the course opened in 1998.

She also has a hole-in-one on the no. 2 hole in 2006 in the Wednesday couples league.

“She hit a beautiful shot,” Don Andreen recalled. “She went right over the pin and it backed up three feet into the hole, just like the way it was supposed to.”

“I had to see it first,” she laughed. “It was kind of a celebration. We were in a four-person scramble. It helped our score tremendously that day.”

The Andreen’s are active players at the course and play there at least four times a week.

“I’ve had rotator cuff surgery,” Susan said. “It will be more because I’m just healing up. It’s the greatest place in the world to play golf.”

Susan’s strongest part is her driving.

“I’m hoping to get back at it,” she said.

Pat Pacola has been the secretary for the Wednesday Couples League at Tustin Trails. The league features 18 teams. She also works with a mixed league and another couples leagues. The Wednesday league is the biggest.

“This is my first year of doing this,” Pacola said, adding that golfers come from Tustin, LeRoy, Luther, Marion and Cadillac.