Couple reflects on 35 years in golf league

REED CITY — “Now teeing off at the No. 1 hole, from Reed City, John Williams and his wife, Joan.”

John Williams grinned when it was suggested he could air those words while starting a round of Friday Night Couples League action last week with his wife.

Williams, the long-time PA announcer for Reed City basketball and football games, is among the players, along with his wife, at  the Friday Couples League, hosted by Spring Valley Golf Course.

He’s also the secretary for the Tuesday Men’s League at Spring Valley.

For the Couples League, Williams estimates he and his wife have played in the league for 35 years. Joan Williams also plays in the Monday Women’s League at Spring Valley.

Is the couples league his favorite?

“Any time I can play with my wife, it is,” he grinned.

Williams played at Spring Valley during the course’s early years.

He calls Spring Valley an “average” course in terms of toughness.

“There are some holes that are definitely harder than others,” he said.

Asked where he and his wife rank in terms of performance with other couples, Williams smiled and replied, “I’m going to say middle, to be safe.”

Having fun, obviously, is the main priority.

“I’ve never had a hole-in-one but my wife has,” Williams smiled, “on the Monday night league (about 10 years ago). And she’s never let me forget it.”

John Williams has come close but is still looking for his first ace. But his best nine-hole score is a 32 on the back nine. Joan’s is a 42 on the back nine.

Joan Williams indicated the driver is the best part of her game. For John, it’s his play around the green.

John played high school golf at Reed City.

“I was about third when I was a junior and maybe second when I was a senior,” he said.

The couples has been a Friday tradition for as long as the Williams can remember.

“Most of them I know but we get out here late because (of work schedules),” he said.