County native recalls fishing days

LEROY — There’s nothing like returning to your home area and casting a line in the ole fishing hole, right?

Fred Swanson kind of feels that way.

Recently, Swanson was fishing in Beaver Creek just about two miles southwest of Pine River High School near LeRoy. He lives in Saline, near Ann Arbor but was visiting his mother in LeRoy when he decided to do some fishing.

Eventually, Swanson was on his way to the Pine River.

Out of Beaver Creek, Swanson was looking for brook trout and browns and rainbows out of the Pine River.

Swanson figures that productivity of the rivers and creeks, compared to when he was a youngster to now “is about the same.”

But he doesn’t figure he comes back to his home area “often enough. I haven’t for a few years and I just started.”

Swanson has lived in Saline most of his adult life and is involved in sales.

“But I do a little bit (of fishing around Saline),” he said. “ I come out here by myself.”

But Swanson still enjoys memories of growing up and fishing in the LeRoy area.

“I had a couple of buddies and we would camp out,” he said. “In those days, people would let you fish on your land and you could get permission. But now, they don’t let you go on their land. I had some of the best friends of my life. You would ride our bikes out here, straight from LeRoy.

“Most of the time we went home disappointed,” Swanson smiled. “But we caught a lot of trout too. When we camped out, we caught three or four over a couple of days. There’s no guarantee. That’s why they call it fishing. But they’re in there. Lot of it is knowing where the holes are.”

Recent weather has been conducive for productive fishing.

“We got some rain and the color of the water is really nice and the depth is really nice,” Swanson said. “When, it gets too low, they go way underneath the bank. Right now, the weather is perfect and the water temperature is good.”