Construction to start on new track

Sami Michell was among the last Reed CIty athletes to run in a home track meet.
Sami Michell was among the last Reed CIty athletes to run in a home track meet.

REED CITY — No more home events at the Reed City athletic field this spring.

The next home one will be boys soccer or football this fall.

The teams currently using the facility, girls soccer and track and field, aren't able to utilize it for practices or home events now with construction ready to start on renovations approved in a bond issue last May.

"We're putting in a whole new track right down to the dirt," Superintendent Tim Webster said. "They're putting in a drain system so when the water runs off our football ball field and runs off the track, it will run away so it doesn't ruin the new track. So the drain system and track is the main thing you'll see out there."

Webster anticipates construction drainage work will focus around the edges of the football field.

"There's a little bit of a crown right now," Webster said. "The water runs off to the side. Currently the water runs off the track toward the football field and puddles around the whole thing. That sitting water ruins the track. There will be a trench all the way around. Any water running off the track will go in that trench drain."

The work will be done in time for the football season, Webster said.

"We should be in good shape," he said. "We scheduled a whole bunch of home (girls) soccer games in April."

Sometime during the summer, the new track should be completed and have a life expectancy longer than the previous ovals.

"The track will last a long time, but every now and then, you have to resurface it," Webster said. "Resurfacing isn't all that expensive, but it's ridiculous to resurface it if the water is going to come and reck it every time."

The field is also used in the fall for boys soccer games. The new track will allow Reed City to have home meets for the first time in five years. The track teams had been using it for practice.