Competitive cheerleaders pleased with progression

REED CITY – The competitive cheer season has ended for the Reed City Coyotes but several members of the squad have reflected on the progress the young program has made and could continue to make in the future.

Courtney Morgan was the team’s only senior. She cheered for two competitions and districts but missed other meets because of an injury.

“I feel we started out with a really young team,” Morgan said. “We (developed) into something much more.”

Elisa Fasbender was a sophomore for the team.

“I think I definitely improved a lot. We grew a lot more as a team,” she said. “Watching the girls in districts, round 3, it was the best I’ve seen.”

Round 3 is dominated with mounts.

“A lot of teams were really good. I was proud of my team,” Fasbender said.

Fasbender worked as a back spotter. She’s looking forward to the future.

“I’m not sure. I think I can count on a lot of juniors coming back as seniors,” she said. “There will be a lot of room for improvement.”

Some cheerleaders go to The Clinic in Grand Rapids for individual work, Fasbender noted.

“It helps you with your tumbling skills,” she said.

Sarah Sheldon was a junior on the team for her second season.

“It had a built up. We progressed so much,” she said. “We worked together. We found out how we worked as a team and used that as one of our key points for success.”

Going to the districts was a key step for the program, she indicated.

“Overall, I think the highlight was our tumbling and our skills. We didn’t have any (skills) last year, now we have many,” she said.

Sheldon was a base and a tumbler.

“I feel like I’ve had so much improvement especially with the tumbling,” she said. “I could hardly do a cartwheel last year.

“Next year would be my senior year and I hope we win districts and and progress to the second round.”

Morgan is also focusing on the softball season. She’s one of Reed City’s top pitchers. Full-team practices start March 12.

“We’ve got pitching and hitting going on right now,” she said. “I just got over having a pinched nerve in my arm. I’ve got hitting and pitching on Sundays with a trainer.”