Competitive cheer teams start season

ROUND ONE: Evart’s competitive cheer squad works on its mounts during a Monday practice. (Herald News/John Raffel)
ROUND ONE: Evart’s competitive cheer squad works on its mounts during a Monday practice. (Herald News/John Raffel)

Competitive cheer seasons start Saturday when Evart and Pine River will send their respective squads to the Houghton Lake Scholar meet on Saturday. It will be the only action for both teams until after the holiday break.

Reed City will not be competing until after the holiday break.

Marty Pattee returns as Evart coach. She has 16 girls on the varsity team.

“I went with as many girls as I could possibly keep,” she said.

There is no JV squad. Practices started on Nov. 5.

There are no seniors on the team.

“We were really young last year,” Pattee said. “We only had one senior. I do have some returners.”

That includes sophomore Makayla Green, a tumbler, plus junior Taylor Hoffmeyer and Green’s sister, Megan. All three will participate in all three rounds.

Jorie Pedery, a sophomore, will also be in all three rounds.

“I have other returners but none that are in all three rounds,” Pattee said.

Round one in competitive meets include jumps and cheers. The second round includes precision gymnastics while the third round features mounts.

“These girls have spent time going to gymnastics all summer long,” Pattee said. “They should be strong in all three rounds. I really think we’re solid in round three.”

Pattee is anxious to see what her girls look like in the first meet.

“We want to give girls experience who haven’t competed before and get experience so we can get better by the time districts roll around,” Pattee said.


Tiffany Lindquist is back as coach of the Pine River cheer team. She presently has 13 girls on the roster. She has two seniors, two sophomores and nine freshmen.

“The two sophomores were on the team last year,” Lindquist said. “The two seniors have cheered in the past but didn’t cheer last year.”

The seniors are April Agar and Renee Powley while the sophomores are Allie Peterson and Mariah Curtis.

“We’re very young this year,” Lindquist said. “We’re starting from scratch.”

Lindquist indicated her team’s round 1 is stronger than round 2 while round 3 is still a work in progress.