Competitive cheer teams showing promise

REED CITY — The competitive cheer season is in high gear for Osceola County high school teams.


Coach Amanda Powers and her assistant, Jenn Warden have a 14-girl roster. Courtney Morgan is the lone senior. Juniors are Dorissa Austin, Heather Huss and Sarah Sheldon.

Sophomores are Krysta Austin, Carissa Chrispie, MaKayla Fender, Elisa Fasbender and Taylor Jones. Freshmen on the roster are Ashley Andres, Kaitlin Karns, Remonda Nashed, Emily Nadone and Shayna Sayer.

On Saturday, Reed City competed at Cedar Springs.

“We scored well, said Powers. “We improved from our last competition. We’re just starting out. We got fourth place out of four (in the division).”

But Powers was pleased with her team’s overall performance.

Competitive cheer meets consist of three performance rounds. Round 1 consists of leadership skills and two required jumps. The second round employs various skills and gymnastics while Round 3 deals with stunts and mounts.

“Round 3 came together nicely,” Powers said. “That’s what we spent the bulk of our time focusing on.”

The schedule includes an invitational on Feb. 4. Powers noted that fund-raising efforts for the American Heart Association for be a central focus for that day. The theme will be “cheer your heart out.”


Marty Pattee is coaching the Evart girls cheer team which has one senior, with Courtney Bledden and one exchange student with Fran Berger.

Sophomores on the squad are Atlanta Duel, Ashley French, Kendra Foster, Megan Green, Taylor Hoffmeyer, Kelly Lloyd and Lacey Wade.

Freshmen are Raigan Clark, McKyala Green, Karly Gudding, Jorie Pedruy, Sienna Park and Makayla Wiltse.

Evart competed Saturday at the Cedar Springs Invitational which had 11 teams. There were a four divisions of teams. Evart was the smallest school at the event and placed sixth.

“I have a very young team this year,” Pattee said. “I was very impressed with how they did. That was our first competition of the year. I just want to see them get better.

“They were really strong in rounds 1 and 3. We have to do more with round 2. I see them improving. They’re going to be surprising people.”

Evart is at Farwell Saturday.


The Bucks have had two meets including one in December and another one on Jan. 4, both at Harrison. Pine River was second out of three teams in the competition last week.

“The last competition was pretty good,” said co-coach Tiffany Lindquist. “We have only five or six girls competing. We have only eight on the team. It’s a small number, but they’re hard working and have done pretty good so far.”

Pine River will be at Farwell on Saturday.

Seniors on the team are Angela Nicholson, Kelsey Harper, Elanie Crawford and Raeanne Peterson.