Chrispell off to strong start for Reed City wrestling team

REED CITY — Dylan Chrispell is getting the job done for the Reed City wrestling team in his junior season.

It’s his third high school wrestling season. He’s at 189 and 215 pounds this season. His probable weight class for the post season is 189. He wrestled at 171 last season.

Chrispell was undefeated at 215 pounds while wrestling for the Coyotes in the Reed City Invitational earlier this season. Reed City took first place.

Chrispell won 14 of his first 16 matches, and has been happy with his start so far.

“It’s about what I expected,” he said, adding that his losses were against opponents “who were tough. It could have gone either way.”

If he got a rematch against those two opponents, Chrispell is quite clear on what he would do differently.

“I’d wrestle harder all the way to the end,” he said.

Chrispell also played football.

“It’s a lot different conditioning,” he said when asked to compare the two sports. “It still helps you being in condition.”

Wrestling, “is individual, but you have a team, so you can’t blame anybody else if you lose your match,” he said. “It’s all on you.”

Chrispell hopes to make it to the regional this season and perhaps to the state final.

“I’d like to try to get at least 30 wins this year,” he said.

Chrispell is confident he’s heading in the right direction.

Standup moves are among his strengths, Chrispell said, adding that he wants to get better on his bottom moves.

The Coyotes are at home for an invitational Saturday.

“We’re doing pretty good,” Chrispell said. “We’re a little young but we’re getting a lot better.”