Chad Samuels looks ahead to new football venture


REED CITY — Chad Samuels will be playing quarteback again sometime for another team on the collegiate level.

But the senior Reed City caller would prefer that he’d be playing the quarterback this week in the regional finals.

A tough 22-20 loss to Muskegon Oakridge in the district finals last week ended the season and career for Samuels way too early.

“We played tough and we had some mistakes we could have eliminated,” Samuels said. “We gave a fight and we went out there...that’s all we can do. We didn’t come out victorious. That’s the way it goes.

“We expected them to be very good. Oakridge is a great football program. They’re in the playoffs. They always have a great record. They always have kids that are disciplined and athletic and overall are great football players. We were ready for them.”

For Samuels, it marked the third straight year the Coyotes were 10-0 prior to losing in the district finals.

“I just have to thank all the coaches, I love them to death and all my teammates, they’re great,” Samuels said. “I wouldn’t do anything without them. I love them a lot.”

Reed City coach Monty Price had said coming into the season that Samuels would have to have a huge year for the team to have success. It would appear that he did.

“That last game I didn’t do too well. But it’s one game and that happens,” he said. “Overall, the season went great. We had great team chemistry. it was a lot of fun. A great


Samuels said he’s going through the recruiting process at the present time.

“I’ll be having coaches coming to the school, meeting with me and checking up on my grades and see how I am as a person,” Samuels said. “I’ll probably go on a couple of more visits for college football.”

He’s visited Northwood University, Hillsdale College, Trine University in Illinois and Alma College. He’s being looked at by Alma for both basketball and football.

“I have other colleges visiting me too but I haven’t gone on an official visit  yet,” Samuels said.

Schools are basically looking at Samuels at quarterback or possibly as a safety or wide receiver.

“They’re focusing on quarterback right now,” he said. “It‘s pretty wide open. I have no clue what I’m going to do yet. I’m going to take my time and look at academics.”

Samuels will also play basketball for Reed City, which starts practices on Monday.

When it comes to Reed City football, “I’m going to miss the environment and Friday night lights,” he said. “My teammates were like family, nothing could tear us apart. And all the fans that support us. I can’t thank them enough. It was amazing to be able to play in front of the fans like that.”