LEROY — It was a warm day on Saturday but all the action at Pine River was inside as the Bucks hosted a summer hoops camp

Reed City, Maple City Glen Lake and Shelby were at the camp.

“My guys played well,” said Pine River coach Brian Goodenow. “We went 3-0.”

The Bucks defeated ,in order, Shelby, Glen Lake and Reed City. The last two scrimmages were close scores, Goodenow noted.

Pine River, the previous Saturday, played in a one-day shootout at Kalkaska and also was at a Cadillac camp for a few days. He’s with the players that will probably be on his 2013-14 team.

“I’ve had pretty good attendance, pretty much the whole squad has been there,” Goodenow said “It gives the incoming guys a chance to jell with each other. The first couple of games they had, they kind of had the deer in the headlights that first-year varsity players will have. They’ve adapted pretty well.”

More action was set for this weekend and then Goodenow basically plans to wrap things up. Since most of the players are also on the football squad, They’re likely to focus on summer activity in that sport starting in July.

“I hate for kids to make the choice since there’s so many demands on their time,” Goodenow said. “I wrap everything up in June and turn them over to football and their families.”