Bucks competitive cheer team ready to start season

LEROY — Pine River coach Tiffany Lindquist has 15 players on her competitive cheer squad that will start action later this month.

The first meet is Dec. 13 at Houghton Lake and other events are Jan. 10 at Brethren, Jan. 17 at Farwell, Jan. 21 at Marion, Jan. 24 at Harrison and Jan. 28 at Evart.

Lindquist, slated to be on maternity leave, is being assisted by Emily Crawford.

Allie Peterson, a senior, is the only four-year performer. Senior Erin Millen is a second-year performer.

“The rest are juniors,” Lindquist said noting Peterson has the most experience of anyone on the team.

There’s only one team with no junior varsity squad. There are freshmen through seniors on the varsity team.

Plenty of progress has been made by the team so far this preseason.

“They have learned all of their first two rounds,” Lindquist said. ‘“We’re in the process of finishing up round 3. They’ve made a lot of progress.”

Lindquist said it’s hard to say which round will be her team’s best. She’s been coaching the team for 11 seasons.

“The younger ones don’t have as much experience because we don’t have a middle team anymore,’ Lindquist said. “So they come in without knowing any of the skills. So the newer girls that come in have more work to do. Once we have them for two or three years, they seem to do pretty well. This team will be pretty experienced. We only have three or four freshmen. The rest of them have had one year of experience or more.”