Brigham confident Reed City volleyball team can have success

REED CITY — Skiler Brigham entered her senior season with Reed City’s volleyball team fully aware it would be a young team that would have to grow and improve every week.

Brigham likes the progress the Coyotes are making but realizes the growth aspect is still continuing.

“We’re playing a lot more aggressive and we’re talking a lot more,” she said after the recent Pine River Invitational. “We’re keeping our heads up a lot more...Our passing and our serves...we’re working on them.”

The Coyotes have been playing duals and invitationals. Duals might be more conducive for a younger team.

“It’s easier doing regular games since you don’t have as many matches,” Brigham noted. “In tournaments, you have so many games. When there’s not as many teams, you’re playing one right after another and you don’t get a break in between.”

It’s Brigham’s second season on the varsity. She and Alison Schermerhorn are the only returning seniors.

“I was a (rightside player) last year and now I’m a middle,” Brigham said. “I feel like I’m doing a lot better than last year. (It means) a lot more blocking and hitting and stuff. I used to play middle in JV and middle school.”

Brigham admits the Coyotes entered the season realizing plenty of work was needed with a young team.

“A lot more progress has been made,” she said. “Last year I played back row and that was it, now I’m playing front row.”

The Coyotes hope to play their best in November.

“My hitting and my serves” is what Brigham wants to continue to focus on as the season progresses.

Reed City plays at Mount Pleasant on Saturday.