Bradford twins playing key role for Coyotes

REED CITY – Eric and Michael Bradford might be identical twins but they’re not exactly identical football players

That’s what Eric Bradford points out as he and his twin brother continue to work to improve as defensive backs during 2011.

“I think I’m better in man coverage and he’s better in run coverage,” Eric Bradford said.

Both are playing key roles for a Coyotes squad that is 4-0 and coming off a huge 30-26 win over Morley Stanwood last Friday.

“The key was to come out hard and play our best,” Michael Bradford said. “We knew we had a shot coming into the game. We wanted to come in focused and do our assignments. I thought the team overall did well.”

“Since I’ve been in Reed City High School, it was the biggest win,” Eric Bradford said. “That was nice. Stopping (MS running back Tyler Hanks) and limiting their yards and not letting them run trap like they wanted to.”

Michael Bradford is a starting safety and also sees some action in the offensive backfield. Eric plays cornerback defensively as a starter and sees some action at running back.

Both played varsity as sophomores last year.

“I think I’ve improved a lot more. I’m up to game speed,” Eric said.

“Coverage wise, you can tell (I’ve improved) by a lot,” Michael said. “Last year everything was so much faster and I was trying to comprehend everything. This year, it’s coming to me easy.”

Being focused at practice has sparked his team’s 4-0 start, Michael said.

“It all starts at practice,” Michael Bradford said. “The coaches will lead us to a win as long as we follow the game plan.”

Friday, RC is at Central Montcalm against the dangerous Hornets. Execution in the game and at practice will be the key to success, Michael said.

“We can’t have no mistakes or turnovers, just smart play,” he said.

“We have to know what formations are coming out and play to our responsibilities,” Bradford said.

Michael said he and his brother have played together since they were 8 years old and usually as offensive and defensive backs. They tend to know what each other is going to do.

“I know his strength and he knows mind,” Eric said.

“It tends to be like that on the field,” Michael said. “I’ve had so much fun at practice with these guys. They’re all my friends.”

“My strength is staying with my man in coverage,” Eric said. “Last year, I didn’t know what to expect speed wise. I’m more prepared this year.”