Bowman sparks Pine River boys in his senior season


LEROY — Two Joes are on the Pine River boys basketball roster so Joey Bowman has volunteered to put the y at the end of his name.

But for the Bucks, as long as Joe keeps playing like he did against Evart last Thursday, he’s no ordinary Joe to them.

Bowman, a senior this season, had one of his best games with 11 points in a 70-48 win over the Wildcats.

“We came off a tough loss so it was hard for us to get into the groove,” Bowman said, referring to one-point loss to Beal City on Jan. 18 that handed Pine River its only loss so far this season.

“We didn’t get back into our groove because we didn’t rebound, We didn’t play helpside defense at all. We’re 9-1, that’s a good thing but we needed to step it up.”

The Bucks were up by 10 most of the way against Beal City, making the one-point loss even more frustrating.

As for scoring 11 against Evart, “points aren’t everything,” Bowman said. “I’d rather have steals than points.”

In the rematch with Beal City, “we’ll have to watch film, (correct) our mistakes, play tough and practice hard,” Bowman said.

His role when he’s on the court is to be a ‘spark,’ as far as Bowman is concerned, to get things going.

It’s his second varsity season.

“I can’t judge myself between now and my junior year,” he said. “I didn’t get to play much my junior year.”

Bowman feels his quickness is a strength.

“I love to steal.” he said.

The Bucks are at the halfway part of the season but as far as Bowman and his teammates are concerned, they would prefer not losing again.

“We need to play like a family,” he said.