Bow season off to slow start

Kyle Randall
Kyle Randall

PARIS — Bow hunting is off to a slow start and hunters are actually blaming the warmer weather. So is Kyle Randall of Paris, host of The Wilderness Journal TV program.

“It’s going poorly right now, the weather can’t make up its mind,” Randall said. “There’s some folks sending in pictures and doing all right. The youth hunt and the liberty season (in September) went fairly well. But the first couple of days of bow season have been rained out were quite warm.

“We’ve seen a few deer during daylight hours. It’s just too warm and needs to cool off. If we can get overnight temperatures back in the 40s, you’ll see some success.”

The most productive part of bow season is traditionally in later October and early November as bucks enter the rut.

“It’s always the first couple of weeks of November that are good,” Randall said. “Usually the first six or eight days of October are good for those who hunt food-bedded animals. But this year the weather isn’t helping them.”

Bear hunting was impressive, he indicated.

“A young man in Meijer’s at Big Rapids stopped me on Tuesday and showed me a bear he was fortunate to harvest over by the Baldwin area that was over 300 pounds,” Randall said. “From reports we’ve gotten, the bear season has gone well.”

Randall said salmon fishing remains productive.

“It’s been a really good season for that,” Randall said. “They’re still doing fairly well. One of the upsides of the warmer weather is the inland fishing has an extra week or two before people who pull their boats. They’re doing remarkably well on walleye and even largemouth bass.”