Bluegill fishing going strong

LEROY — The month of June has been promising so far for area fishermen. Jolyn Hildabridle of The Eyes Have It in LeRoy, agrees that anglers will be having fun with bluegills.

“Rose Lake has had some nice ones,” Hildabridle said, adding that one angler pulled four walleye out of there earlier this month. “It was free fishing weekend and people were out fishing, although not as many as there could be. The price of gas is holding back people. We’re staying busy. They’re starting to come now. They’re really going after the bluegills.”

When asked to give a report of recent area fishing success, Vic Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley could only say one word, although he said it several times:

“Bluegills, bluegills, bluegills, bluegills.”

Haven noted that area lakes and rivers are producing good bluegill opportunities.

Lake County sportsman Greg Nichols Sr. has been fishing area lakes and likes what he sees.

“It’s a little early for the bluegills,” he said. “But the bass are on the beds. You can catch all the bass you want. Bluegills you’re working for. The cold nights kind of slowed that down a little. They were ready to pick up but then we started to get those cold nights. Another week or so, I’m thinking that should be pretty good.”

George Tharp of Ed’s Sports Shop of Baldwin said area lakes and rivers are currently experiencing a hex hatch.

“Fly fishing for bluegills has been effective, but the fish are slow to bite right now,” Tharp said. “I haven’t had a whole lot of good reports. The water levels are low. They are doing good on crappies on area lakes. Bass has been excellent. Top water works.”

Purple rubber crawlers seem to be working.

“They’re getting a few pike and some suckers, but there hasn’t been a massive amount of people fishing them,” Tharp said. “They are getting some.”

“Fishing has been really good,” Cory Harkema from Pere Marquette River Lodge said. “We’ve got a lot of bugs this year. Hex season is coming right up.”

Browns and rainbow trout remain popular in the river. “There have been a number of people fishing,” Harkema indicated.

“There’s been a lot of bugs on the water so there’s been a lot of good dry fly fishing,” Harkema said.

Jake McMillon of Baldwin Bait & Tackle said gray drakes are going strong, along with sulfers, plus yellowstones and blackstones.

 “They’re geared up ready for the hexes to come,” he said. “Fish bite has been good. There’s a lot of good size fish (brown trout) this spring.”

McMillon is hoping anglers start seeing some early hexes.