Barry Brown getting job done as men's league secretary


REED CITY — Barry Brown is a busy guy on Thursday afternoon’s at Spring Valley Golf Course.

That’s because he’s secretary of the men’s league that plays that evening.

He became secretary this year. He retired in 2002 and moved to the area and since then has been a member of the league. He lives in the LeRoy area having bought property there in 1992.

The secretary collects fees at the beginning of the year, makes out the scorecards, takes care of the flags and points, and figures out the first half and second half winners.

“We have a playoff at the end of the year,” Brown said.

The league has 40 players with 20 two-man teams, plus a list of 10 substitutes.

“We play for points,” Brown said. “Ours is two-man team and we have a master schedule that comes out and you know who you’re playing each week. We keep track of the points and have the standings. We have first half and second half. The two half winners play at the end of the year for the championship.”

The group “is a fun league but guys take it pretty serious,” Brown said. “They’re out there trying for 20 points every week.”

The 40 figure has been consistent the last five years, Brown noted.

Brown plays at other neighboring courses but stays mainly at Spring Valley.

“Most of all, the people are so friendly,” he said. “It’s a fun place. The two nines are different. It’s a variety. They take good care of us. It’s a fun atmosphere.”