Athletic facilities will see upgrades if Tuesday bond issue passes

REED CITY — The Reed City athletic program will see some facility improvements if the two proposals pass at next Tuesday’s election.

Among the aspects of Proposal 1 is track replacement and improved field drainage at the high school stadium.

“Currently we are unable to host any track meets for middle school or high school as the track is not safe for our kids,” Reed City athletic director Kris Griffin said. “Even when our kids practice, they are not able to use the entire track for fear of injuries. If proposal 1 passes, our track would be replaced. We would be able to host our league meets as well as possibly hosting track invites in the future. There would also be improved field drainage at the stadium.”

Proposal 2 involves a new multi-purpose facility at the high school, which includes retractable seating for 750, making it both an auditorium and an auxiliary gymnasium with stage, lighting, sound system and large weight room and walking track open to the community.

“The extra gym would be a huge benefit to our athletic programs, especially basketball in the winter,” Griffin said. “Practices are scheduled sometimes late into the evening as we only have two gyms for both our girls and boys basketball program, including middle school.”

The proposal also calls for expanding the high school gym on the west side to provide additional seating and practice space.

The gym’s current wall on the west side “would be completely knocked down,” Griffin said. “This would provide additional seating and practice space.”

The baseball field would be relocated to provide space for additional parking. “The baseball field would be located up behind our middle school,” Griffin said. “The concessions/bathrooms for both baseball and softball would be between the baseball and softball field. Our current baseball field would be parking for the high school.”

There would be a baseball and softball concessions and restroom facility and an athletic field press box.

“The pressbox that we currently have is very outdated and lacks room,” Griffin said. “ We have really noticed this in the last several years hosting football playoffs. When radio stations and television call and want a space in the pressbox, it is very difficult to find room for everyone. The electric system in the box is also very old, we blow breakers all the time.”