Athletic directors struggle with snow days

SCHAB: “We had a wrestling quad that had to be canceled with no make up date. It was too close to the conference tournament and districts”

It’s been a wild winter for local athletic directors.

The countless number of snowouts and cancellations this month have forced ADs to call off events and try to reschedule them

At Evart, it’s really been a challenge for sports teams.

“We do not practice or play when school is canceled,” said Evart Superintendent Howard Hyde.

Evart boys coach Kris Morgan noted on Monday that his team has had two practices in two weeks. Cheerleading coach Marty Pattee also noted that her team has had limited practice opportunities because of recent snow outs.

Pine River athletic director Aaron Schab said his first winter as an AD has been challenging.

“This is my first year but we have had a number of snow days and almost all of them had a home event,” he said. “Most of the time I try to get them in unless it is just too dangerous for people to be driving around. We have had to play games on Saturdays, and we have switched events around where the JV teams had to go play away and the varsity boys and girls had to play a doubleheader at home.”

Schab has not been able to reschedule all events.

“We had a wrestling quad that had to be canceled with no make up date.  It was too close to the conference tournament and districts,”  Schab said, adding that a challenge to reschedule has been “just getting the word out to all the people involved.  Coaches, custodians, officials, event workers, sport boosters, and fans...Our new website that is linked to Facebook and Twitter have helped to keep the fans informed.”

While Evart does not practice or play on snow days, Pine River, Schab, noted, “can have the varsity teams practice, and the JV is usually optional since they cannot all drive. Middle school events and practices are canceled if school is canceled.  We try to play all games if school is canceled unless we have ice on the backroads.  I have only been told once to cancel a game by the administration and that was related to ice and slush.

“We try at all costs to reschedule if at all possible.  I would drop a nonleague contest to reschedule a league contest if I had to.”

Reed City athletic director Monty Price has also been rescheduling a lot of events.

“It’s been going, it’s always difficult when the weather doesn’t cooperate,” Price said. “Mother nature always throws us a curve ball. This winter has always been a little more challenging.”

ADs give priority on rescheduling conference games which need to be played. But Reed City is in the 10-game Central State Activities Association which schedules 18 conference dates for basketball. A maximum schedule for a regular season is 20 games.

Reed City is allowed to practice and play on snow days. Price said there is one other school in the CSAA that has the no-school, no-practice and no-play policy.