Assistant coach returns to Reed City soccer program

REED CITY — Kim Hunt is the new assistant coach for Reed City soccer this season, but is no stranger to the sport locally.

Hunt is assisting new Reed City coach Doug Emington. He also assisted Emington four years back in the 1990s as Coyote soccer was getting off the ground. At that time, he was working at Tubelite. He officiated soccer for the next four years.

When Hunt saw that Emington was going to return and coach this season’s team, he volunteered to contribute.

“I’m more defensive-minded than offense, so I’m going to try to help the defense get tougher and be able to capture the ball and prevent goals,” Hunt said.

Obviously, the game has changed in 20 seasons, especially with the emergence of youth soccer.

“Back in 1994, it was a relatively unknown sport,” Hunt said. “A lot of them hadn’t played (youth soccer). The youth leagues up here have definitely helped the program.

“I’m trying to give back. I played college soccer downstate (Jackson Community College). Then I walked on at Ball State, but never actually played (for family reasons). I played a few years of club soccer at Ferris as well.”

Hunt lives in Big Rapids and is retired, which gives him an opportunity to return to coaching. He grew up in Jackson, but lived in Reed City for 20 years and later moved to Big Rapids.

Even though it’s 20 years later, Hunt admits he and Emington are working to get the program going, just as they did in the 1990s.

“We’re rebuilding,” Hunt said. “They haven’t had much participation the last couple of years and we’ve got (many) freshmen.”