CHASE — The 2011 deer firearm season will long be remembered by Debbie Trimner-Boerma of Chase, who was a successful hunter on opening day near the Hersey area on opening day.

Trimner-Boerma bagged a 7-point buck with 16 ¾ -inch rack span. That makes about 15 deer in her hunting career.

“I lost track I don’t get one every year,” she said. “I got an 8-point last year. It was at the same place, over in the Hersey area, on my step-brother’s property.”

Trimner-Boerma was hunting with her sister-in-law.

“She had had hip replacement surgery,” Trimner-Boerma said. “She was in the blind with me. She was looking out to the west and I was looking out to the east. There was no point to the both of us looking in the same direction. Then I told her Sharon, ‘here comes a buck.”

“It was a big buck. All I could see was his neck really swollen up. I said ‘it looks like it’s at least a 6-point. I wanted her to get a shot at it since it’s her property. But there’s no windows on the east side of our blind. When it got far enough to the north she said “Deb, I can’t see anything. So I opened the door to the blind, stepped out and shot it.”

Trimner-Boerma said she was about a football field away when she shot the buck. It went down right away. She used a 30.06 automatic.

“I’ve been hunting since I was 20,” Trimner-Boerma said. “I lost my brother in a car accident and my dad gave me his 30.06. I thought, ‘well I guess I’m stuck hunting now.’ I wanted to hunt with my dad.”

She sticks with only deer rifle hunting.

“I do a lot of camping,” Trimner-Boerma said, adding that she didn’t see too many deer overall. “In our group, I got one and there two two does taken. People on the next property owner got one. You could see them on trail camera at night. But in the day they’re no where to be seen.”

But Trimner-Boerman takes advantage of the hunting and fishing opportunities whenever possible.

“I like being outside,” she said.