Area teams meet challenges at Chippewa Hills race

REMUS  — Area runners had a chance to compete in the Late Season Warrior Invitational on Saturday.

Runners are gearing up for regionals this weekend.

In the girls race, Pine River was ninth out of 10 teams with 217 points. Kelsi Charles was 21st (22:50), Olivia Thompson 27th (23:08), Rachel DePew 65th (24:46), Alexis Beebe 90th (26:42) and Alyssa Geer 121st (31:06.)

Reed City and Evart both had runners, but not enough to score. For Reed City, Joelynn Gamble-Brown was 63rd (24:42), Lindsey Kienitz 93rd (26:59), McKenzie Cornelius 100th (27:42.0), and Haley Duchene 120th (30:42.0)

For Evart, Sarah Nelson was 19th (22:32.0).

In the boys race, Fremont took the top five spots and won with 15 points, Evart was second (109), Chippewa Hills third (115), and Pine River 10th (259) in the 14-team field.

Santana Scott was seventh (17:30.97) for Evart while Josh Woods was ninth (17:45.64), Nathan Woods was 11th (18:04.21), Andrew Bengry 16th (18:37.34), Noah Drake 81st (21;28.85), Tanner Ryan 83rd (21:32.50) and Nick Niles 84th (21:32.90).

“It was rough,” Josh Woods said. “We had a hard workout this week. Our goal is to peak at state so we weren’t really focusing on this race.”

“I just didn’t have it,” Scott said. “We had a hard workout this week. We did mile repeats and aren’t fully recovered from that.”

Winning the Highland Conference meet on Oct. 20 as an individual runner, “was pretty nice,” Scott said. “Except for a couple of races like today, all the other races have been good.

On regionals this Friday at Carson City-Crystal, “I’m not going to worry about time, maybe low 16s,” Scott said. “Winning it is the goal for regionals. We’re looking strong. We’ve had people out with injuries, if we get everyone back for regionals and state, it will be exciting.”

“It was a tough run for them,” Evart coach Kevin Mills said. “They were not on our game. We have that happen once in awhile, that you run real hard and during one point of the season you have a tough day. I’m confident (of regionals).”

Pine River was led by Derek Hartline, who was 27th (19:04.04), Mark Geer 33rd (19:22.18), Ira Waters 61st (20:44.29), Tyler Stonto 95th (22:17.20), Sam Pentces 98th (22:22.50), Wade Fullerton 121st (25:22.51) and Spencer Haskel 122nd (25:24.82).

“Our No. 4 guy ran a personal best, that was fun to see,” Pine River coach Ross Vrieze said. “The boys and girls, I thought, did well. The times looked good for the conditions.”

Reed City had two runners. Brandon Wirth was 39th (19:32.87) and Brett Walker 108th (23:11.17)

“Overall, everyone ran well, it’s always tough competition here,” Reed City coach Brad Smith said.