Area resident enjoys his duck hunting

TROPHY WALL: Howie Lodholtz of Chase stands in front of some of his trophies hanging on the wall at his home. (Herald-Review/John Raffel)
TROPHY WALL: Howie Lodholtz of Chase stands in front of some of his trophies hanging on the wall at his home. (Herald-Review/John Raffel)

CHASE – Howie Lodholtz loves his hunting but there’s something about duck hunting that makes it all special for the Chase resident.

Lodholtz’s various jobs include being a salesman for Pepsi and an independent operator for Jay’s Potato Chips, which is now owned by


But Lodholtz isn’t exactly a johnny come lately when it comes to hunting.

“It’s been since I was a kid, eight years old, with my grandpa and dad,” Lodholtz said.

He’ll be hunting as long as he can.

“The hunters are down,” Lodholtz said. “You used to see hunters parked off the side of the road. You don’t see as many anymore that’s why I like to take the young kids out duck hunting. You don’t know what you’re missing. Once you go out duck hunting, you’re hooked.”

Lodholtz is actively involved in the Baldwin Ducks Unlimited Chapter and is the chairman presently.

So far this season, “we’re finding very few mallards and a lot of wood ducks,” Lodholtz said.

Hunting runs in the family. Lodholtz has a brother, Lyle, also an avid hunter.

Annually, Lodholtz tries to make two or three duck hunting trips out of state.

Lodholtz is hopeful of a profitable deer hunting season.

“We’re seeing a few nice bucks,” Lodholtz said. “We do quality deer management.”

Quality deer management simply means having hunters let small bucks go so they’ll mature into larger bucks.

Lodholz has done some turkey hunting but said those numbers are down.

Lodholtz likes working with other hunters.

“I like taking hunters out for the first time and getting them started,” he said.

Overall, Lodholtz considers Osceola and Lake counties to be prime areas for hunters.

“There’s a lot of opportunities in the area,”he said. “But you have to work for it.”

Others agree with Lodholtz.

Area hunters seem to be having good success on woodcock so far this season.

In the area, “the bucks are starting to move. The ducks, the ringnecks, we did pretty good on them over the weekend,” said Lodholtz in mid-October. “The woodys, we’ve been limited out on them everytime we went out. Mallards are very scarce. We are finding some birds, Mostly woodys right now. The ringnecks are starting to fly.”