Area hunter lands 9-point buck

REED CITY – Tim Cook can’t complain about the deer hunting season he’s had so far.

The 42-year-old Paris resident bagged a nine-point buck with 18 1/2-inch rack span while hunting Tuesday morning, Oct. 22, in the Reed City area. He used one shot from his long bow.

“It’s the first buck I’ve seen this year,” Cook said. “It’s the only one I’ve shot so far.”

Cook won’t soon forget the circumstances that led him to shooting the buck.

“I was out all morning,” he said. “Just before 9, I had 10 or 12 turkeys come walking in on me. I tried to make sure they wouldn’t see me. Then the buck came in. He was pretty calm with those turkeys around.

“I figured there was no one around him. He was pretty mellow. But he wasn’t going to be sticking around for very long. I had to take a shot. He was straight underneath me.”

Cook hit the buck but had to enlist the help of his brother and father to find it the next day, about 200 yards from the spot he shot it. Cook had been hunting by himself.

“I didn’t go look for him until 4 in the afternoon,” Cook said. “I was worried about my shot but it wound up being a good shot on him.”

It’s the biggest buck he’s shot.

“I personally haven’t seen a lot yet,” he said, adding that he’ll be out for firearm season.

He’s had 30 years in of deer hunting.

“I enjoy my long bow, I enjoy archery because it’s more personable with the deer,” he said. “I also do a lot of rabbit hunting and we’ll do some ice fishing during the winter.”

As for rabbit hunting, “it’s been terrible the last few years but they say the rabbits are starting to cycle up again,” Cook said. “Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of rabbits this year.”

Cook predicts a strong winter for ice fishing.“We use a lot of tip ups for pike,” Cook said. “We like to panfish. I hit a lot of counties. I go into Newaygo County too.”