REED CITY -- Golf courses are now open after Governor Whitmer's lifting of restrictions last week.

But course owners realize they would be facing challenges, especially regarding not being able to use motorized carts.

In Osceola County, the Intimidator of Hawkins, Spring Valley Golf Course of Reed City and Tustin Trails Golf Course confirmed on Monday they were open for business. Other county courses were not available for comment.

Owners of The Intimidator Golf Course, a 9-hole facility 2 ½ miles west of Hawkins on East 17 Mile Road, are Mark and Tracy Lenahan.

Tracy said the course is open seven days a week as long as it's not raining or snowing.

The Intimidator has had leagues but Lenahan acknowledged, as have other courses, the inability to use carts could affect golfer turnout and the ability to have leagues.

"The league we have has 22 teams and that's 44 golfers," Lenahan said. "With the restrictions we have now, I think it will be hard to start leagues. We're waiting to see what will happen. We'd like to get started because the leagues are where it's at."

But not being able to use carts will make league play a challenge.

"We have some seniors who play on our Thursday league who can't physically walk the course," Lenahan said.

"Right now, it's only open golf.

"We were busy (on Sunday)," Lenahan said. "It was nice to see. We don't have any employees. It's just my husband and myself who do it all out here. I don't have a dining facility but we have a nice clubhouse.

"We do offer hot dogs and chips and stuff like that when we get going in the summer. Right now, I can't do any of that. They just sent some clarification we can't sell pop or anything like that. You can't have it in a pop machine. They don't want anyone touching anything."