Area deer hunters have success

REED CITY — It was a fun weekend for Tony Dickson of Reed City.

Dickson shot a buck over the weekend in the Reed City area. It’s a 9-point buck with 19 3/4-inch inside spread. He shot it Saturday morning.

“I saw a 6-point before that and a bunch of does,” he said.

Dickson noted it was getting warm around 10 a.m. and figured he was done hunting.

“I was right behind my house,” he said. “I saw him come up. All I could see was his head and is neck. The place where I’m hunting is brushy. I shot him right through the neck. He dropped right there.”

Dickson brought his deer to Rogers Heights in Mecosta County for a buck pole on Sunday. It’s the seventh buck he’s killed. He called this a “lifetime deer.”

It was about 50 degrees when he shot it. “That’s when I thought nothing will move today,’” he said. “Apparently I was wrong.”

Jason VanBrocklin, 31 of Paris, brought home a 12-point buck with 17-inch rack span. He used one shot to down his 15th ever deer in Green Township Friday morning.

“I was getting out of my blind, calling it a day and it was right behind me about 30 yards,” said VanBrocklin, who was not aware the deer was in the neighborhood. As soon as he shot it, the deer went down.

“It’s the biggest one I’ve shot,” he said. “I shot a small seven-point before.”

VanBrocklin said he didn’t see many bucks but was all set to give up before he saw this one.

Meanwhile Alex McWain wasted little time in being a successful deer hunter on Friday.

McWain, 36, of Paris, was in Newaygo County when he shot an 8-point buck with 13-inch rack span. He used one shot from his .280 Ruger.

“The doe came in first to the little pile I have,” McWain said. “About five minutes after she came in, this guy showed up. He chased her around a little bit, and he stopped long enough for me to shoot.”

McWain estimates he was 75 yards from the deer when she shot. The deer went down immediately.

It’s the fourth deer he’s shot in his lifetime. He’s been hunting since he was 14 and indicated this has been his hunting highlight so far.

“This is a lot bigger,” he said, adding, when asked if there’s a lot of deer out in the woods, “it’s hard to tell right now.”

The weather was “a little overcast and a little warm but not too bad,” McWain said.

Skyler House, 13, of Big Rapids, was a successful hunter at Grant Center on Sunday morning. He bagged a 9-point buck, the first in his life-time. He used two shots from his Remington 7mm mag.