Area angler switching gears to spring season

Jeff Greene getting ready for Worm Day

Jeff Greene



Pioneer photo/John Raffel

BIG RAPIDS – Area avid ice fisherman Jeff Greene, of Rodney put his ice fishing equipment away about two weeks ago.

“ But Wednesday, when I was riding my bike by Hillview Lake I saw four people out there,” Greene said. “People are still trying. For me, it was the best season in three years. I caught lots of fish. The last two years, with a COVID year, were kind of trying for me. But this was a great year.

“The lakes change from year to year. Some years that have a better year class of fish and that makes it unique. You catch those 4 or 5-year-old bluegills and who knows exactly why.”

Hillview and Haymarsh were Greene’s two favorite lakes this year. Now he’ll wait for his next favorite season.

“Usually the second week of April, as soon as the water on the south end of the Haymarsh warms up, that’s eight or 10 inches of shallow mucky black bottom, that’s when I can get my real good fishing,” Greene said.

He’s now waiting for worm day.

“The first warm rain you get, all of a sudden you look down and there’s worms all over the sidewalk and off the side of the road,” he said. “When worm day comes, I get out my knee pads and get my five gallon pail and go into town and dig around in the gutters. I get 500 or so worms which will last me half the summer.”