Anglers having huge time with salmon run

BALDWIN — Locally, the salmon run continues.

“(Water) temperatures are currently 59 degrees and normal,” Doug Loomis, of Ed’s Sports Shop in Baldwin, said. “The center of the river is dark. The temperature is right for fishing. The salmon are averaging 18, but nearing 30 pounds.”

“Things are going great,” a spokesman at the Pere Marquette River Lodge in Baldwin said. “The fishing near town here in Baldwin has been fabulous. We’re hooking a lot of fish every day. Landing them is a different story. They’re averaging a little bit larger this year. We’re having some exciting fights.

“The trout fishing is also starting to get good. The salmon fishing hasn’t been great so far and we haven’t even reached our peak yet.”

Jay McMillon, of Baldwin Bait & Tackle, agrees.

“Right now, it’s salmon season on the Pere Marquette River,” he said. “They’re fishing them with flies on the flywater having moderate success. They pretty much are fishing some spinners and thundersticks. At Custer and Scottville, they’re doing all right, too.

“This time of year, that’s about all we’ve got is salmon season.”