Anglers continue to have success

Steelhead are biting

BIG RAPIDS – Fishermen continue to have various success across the area.

In Manistee, Dewey Buchner of Don’s Sporting Goods said steelhead have been off the pierhead and the shore.

“People that are going fishing are getting nice messes of bluegills out in Manistee Lake,” Buchner said. “The perch should start pretty soon.”

In other areas, “they’re getting some in Bear Creek right now but steelhead is starting to show up,” a spokesman at Tangled Tackle Co. in Manistee said. “Salmon are pretty much done. One good rain and steelhead will be in there. Everyone will be happy.”

A spokesman at Captain Chuck’s in Ludington reported: “It’s going all right. They’re catching a bunch of steelhead in the river with a few perch here and there on inland lakes. The pier hasn’t been super hot yet. It’s too windy. The Pere Marquette has been on fire for steelhead. No one is going out in big lake. All boats have been put away.”

In Charlexoix, the DNR said, there were still some anglers trying the channel. A couple boat anglers were out front looking for perch. There were some salmon still around in local streams/rivers.

Fishing Tip: Taking great catch-and-release photos

Courtesy of Michigan DNR

Are you an avid catch-and-release angler? Do you like to take photos of the fish you catch, prior to returning them to the water? Do you know the safest way to take these photos so you ensure the fish can live to be caught another day?

Here are some steps you can follow:

Wet your hands before you handle the fish; that way you won’t remove any of the protective mucus (or slime) that coats the fish’s body.

Remember fish can’t breathe out of water, so they will become uncomfortable rather quickly. Keep the fish in the water until your camera is ready to take the shot.

Take the photo with the fish fairly close to the water, so if it squirms out of your hands it will land in the water and not on a hard surface.

While holding the fish, don’t pinch or squeeze it and don’t stick your fingers in its gills.

Be mindful of the different kinds of fish that have teeth and/or spines that could stick you.