Anglers continue to bid for success

REED CITY — It’s that time of year, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) points out, when the salmon and trout start to move in closer to shore as they prepare for the annual fall spawning runs.

Salmon are starting to trickle into the river systems but no big numbers yet, the DNR reported, adding that those fishing the inland lakes are doing well for panfish, pike, bass and even catfish.

Jolyn Hildabridle of the Eyes Have It fish shop of LeRoy noted there will be a bass  tournament Sept. 21 at Rose Lake. More information is available at website.

It’s a three-fish, partner style tournament. The entry free is $40 with first place taking 60 percent, second place 30 percent and 10 percent for third place. There is a $10 optional fee for big bass and the winner takes all.

The tournament starts 7:30 a.m. at the first safe light and goes until 1:30 p.m. Hildabridle anticipates 20 or more boats could be entered. Anglers come from all over to participate, she anticipates.

“It’s exciting to see all the boats come in,” she said.

It’s a catch-and-release tournament and no dead fish will be weighed. Individuals come from all over to partake in the tournament

It’s been a good summer of fishing, Hildabridle indicated and it’s still a good time to fish bass.

“Fishing is good,” she said. “They’re catching a lot of fish.” 

Jeff Greene of Rodney said he’s had recent success at Rogers Pond.

“I went out Labor Day weekend, Monday morning, and got seven kinds of fish,” he said. “I got bluegills, sun fish, crappies, perch, smallmouth bass and rock bass and couple of suckers. So I had a great time. I sure had fun.”

Green also went out early evening on Thursday at Rogers Pond. 

“I caught nine really nice bluegills and the most fun thing I caught all summer was a seven-pound catfish,” he said. “Man, was that fun. I’ve never caught a fish that fought any harder than that seven-pound catfish.”