Andres in final sports season for Reed City

Lily Andres



REED CITY - Reed City softball coach Roger Steig didn't hesitate in comments coming into the season on how valuable Lily Andres' contributions would be to the team.

"Lily Andres will be counted on for her leadership," Steig said. "She is a senior and will play at the corners on the infield. She has always been a key hitter for us."

Andres has played softball since the early youth levels. Not having a 2020 season because of COVID was very disappointing.

"We would have been super good last year," Andres said, noting the 2020 team was packed with seniors, compared to a younger squad this spring. "I'm enjoying being able to play. I'm having fun."

It's her final season of Reed City sports. She formerly played basketball.

"For softball, the team is different," Andres said. "The environment is so different."

She's been juggling between first and third base.

For third, I think my strength is my arm," Andres said. "I'm able to stretch to catch the ball (from first)."

She's hoping to have a batting average in the upper 300s.

"The key is to be able to relax," she said.

Reed City is still looking for wins on the diamond.

"We have to work on our defense and our pitching," Andres said.

Reed City was home against Fremont on Tuesday.