Always on the attack: Reed City sophomore is proving his effectiveness on soccer field

Dennis, Coyotes hope to have winning season

Xzavier Dennis



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REED CITY – Xzavior Dennis has been making key contributions for the Reed City soccer team in his second fall season.

The Coyotes are an extremely young team this season and Dennis has been working to make sure he can support the team with special needs as a sophomore.

“Last year didn’t go too well since we didn’t really have players to fill in and we were gassing out most games,” Dennis said. “The reason we won when we did was because our team communication worked well.”

Dennis plays midfield-attacker for the Coyotes, the same as last season.

“When you’re at midfield, you are defense and attacker,” he said. “As an attacker, you’re attacking to go to the goal.”

But as the season goes along, Dennis wouldn’t mind being a key goal scorer for the Coyotes.

“I’m good at getting into position and being where my teammates need me,” he said. “I’m good at passing to teammates when they’re open.”

Dennis is confident he can see the field well and use his feet effectively.

The Coyotes have been battling for wins but Dennis is confident the team can have plenty of success before the season ends.

“This year we’re looking pretty good definitely better than last year,” Dennis said. ‘We have more people and everyone is more experienced. Strength will definitely be our passing.

More players obviously enables more players to take a break and have fresher legs, Dennis said

Soccer is his only sport.

“I played third grade and then the start of varsity season,” he said.

New Reed City coach Courtney Murphy is expecting plenty from Dennis.

“This summer, he’s really improve,” Dennis said. “He’s going to be a key attacker for us.”