REED CITY — Reed City volleyball veteran Liza Emington has a varsity season of setting under her belt and is looking forward to her second year.

This will be her senior season.

“We’ve done a lot, we usually do twice a week and setters come in a separate time and work,” he said. “We go all the way down to seventh-grade setters. We try to develop them.”

There’s about six or seven setters overall in the system.

“We’re trying to do different, quicker sets this year,” she said. “It slows down the blocker and we really need that this year.”

Emington is looking for improvement this season. She won’t be focusing only on setting. Last week, Emington was at a two-day Reed City ball control camp.

“Setters play defense before they can set so it’s important for us to be at a passing camp too,” she said.

The Coyotes open their practice season on Aug. 12 to get ready for a season that starts Aug. 22 at Ludington. They will soon start into a full Central State Activities Association Gold Division schedule.

“I think we’ll be pretty solid,” Emington said. “We have some  tough competition out there. We have a little bit to go yet. We’re not quite sure what position everybody will be playing yet.”

Emington also plays indoor and outdoor soccer. She’s had a chance to play at some open fields during the summer. Her senior soccer season will be next spring.