Adrianse continues to do well at shooting competitions

Mike Adrianse of the Reed City Sportsman Club.(Herald Review photo/John Raffel)
Mike Adrianse of the Reed City Sportsman Club.(Herald Review photo/John Raffel)

REED CITY – Mike Adrianse has been holding his own very well in shooting competition.

Adrianse frequently shoots at the Reed City Sportsman Club. He lives by Woodville. He recently won Class C at the Indiana state shoot. He broke 197 targets out of 200. At the Michigan state shoot, called the Great Lakes Am, Adrianse won three of 21 events out of a one-week period.

The Amateur Trap Shooting Association covers the events.

“Last year Jack (Adrianse) my nephew, was zone 2 double A champ, which was here,” Adrianse said. “I was in zone 3, so I won Class D but now I’m in double A too. If you win an event at the state shoot, They name it after you the following year. Next year, there will be one named after Jack.”

Adrianse said because he retired this year, he was able to get in an impressively high number of birds, more than 12,000 birds that he shot at registered events in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

“Last year, I won the (state) handicap event,” Adrianase said. “This year, it was named after me. two guys from this club didn’t win the actual event but they won their categories. Jack won for the yardage, 22 to 24 yards. He got a trophy with my name on it. Brian Erickson was 18-to-21 yards. He shoots from this club and got a trophy with his name on it. This year, with the Michigan Handicap championship on the 29th of July, Jack won it with a 498.”

Mike Adrianse started shooting competitively a year or two in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“Then I didn’t start shooting again until last year,” he said. “My nephew got me going in and since then I got carried away.”

Adrianse is also an avid hunter including for elk and deer in Montana, which he is planning to do in a few weeks.

He also hunts deer locally.

“It’s been a dry year so the horns should be down a little bit,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean anything.”

But when it comes to trap shooting, Adrianse said he especially enjoys the competition.

At the Grand American tournament in Sparta, Il. , Adrianse notes that in 10 days, roughly 3.5 million targets are used. He shot their this year. It’s considered the largest shot gun and perhaps sprint event in the world, Adrianse noted.