85-year-old local man bags 10-point buck

EVART — Bill Stein might be 85, but the Evart area resident still has that deer  hunting magic.

Stein bagged a 10-point buck with 20-inch rack span on Nov. 16 while hunting on his wooded property. He used one shot from his 30.06 for his trophy.

His wife, Ilene, said her husband was hunting by himself at the time.

“We have 500 acres on our own property,” she said. “They’ve hunted deer plenty of times on that property.”

 Ilene indicated hunters and passersby along the road had seen the 10-pointer prior to Nov. 16.

“We’ve been thinking about it,” she said. “If you saw it, you could tell which deer it was.”

After Bill shot the deer, “it ran a little bit,” Ilene said. “But he got it. It ran quite a few yards to the end of the field.”

Bill was able to track it but used help from relatives to drag the heavy buck out of the woods.

“After all, he’s 85 years old,” Ilene said. “Other hunters were in the vicinity.”

Bill has been hunting for 74 years.

“That means almost forever for him,” Ilene smiled. “He has shot a heavier one, but this was the biggest deer all together.

“It doesn’t seen like we’ve been seeing as many as a whole big group.

Her husband gets out extensively for the firearm season. He hunted rabbits at one time but now focuses on deer.

Ilene expects her husband to keep hunting as long as his health allows.

“I went out the first day but couldn’t the second day so I didn’t see it happen,” she said

Ilene said the biggest one she’s ever shot was a 4-pointer.

“I thought it was great,” she smiled.