Back in time

50 Years Ago

AUGUST 25, 1966



The Department of State Highways has started distributing second quarter Motor Vehicle Highway fund collections to Michigan counties and incorporated cities and villages.

Funds total $54,516,824, an increase of $1,968,451 over the same period of 1965.

Osceola County will receive $101,764; Clare, $100,151; Mecosta, $119,055; and Lake, $83,482.

Reed City will receive $4,889; Evart, $4,449; Marion, $1,737; Hersey, $1,330; LeRoy, $1,203; and Tustin, $861.


-Wednesday – The Evart Women’s Bowling Association will hold its fall meeting at the Evart High School, the time is 7:30 p.m.

-Thursday – Cub Scout committee meeting at the Fire Hall at 7:30 p.m. Anyone with boys 8-11 and interested in scouting is urged to attend.

-Saturday – Deadline for Girl Scout registration. Ages 7 to 18. Girl Scout blanks can be picked up at Joe and Lucy’s Party Store.

-Sunday – The Sears Methodist Church picnic at the Maddern Cottage at Maloy Lake following church service. Potluck and all are invited.

69 Years Ago

AUGUST 21, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)


Mrs. Frank Craven


Archie Fenton and William Peavey were in Cadillac Wednesday afternoon on business.

Mrs. Chas. Lawrence, who has been confined to her home so long with a broken hip, is able to ride in the auto and called Thursday morning at the home of Mrs. Joe Lloyd.

Mrs. Grace Olson and Mrs. Rae Craven called Thursday evening on Mrs. Florence Moore southeast of Barryton.


Rate Change Would Boost Long Distance Service Cost to Users

Michigan Bell Telephone Company has revealed that it will petition the Michigan Public Service Commission for a $10,400,000 annual increase in rates.

At the same time, they plan to drop the long distance charges between Marion, Reed City and Evart bringing a drop in charges that may well equal the increase requested.

Earl E. Beshaw, manager for the company, said the proposed rate increase would be applied to every exchange in Michigan Bell territory and virtually every type of service in order that “the increased costs of doing business be shared by all telephone users.”

90 Years Ago

AUGUST 27, 1926


Fred Morlock, Elmer Zimmerman and Bion Jacobs, of Grand Rapids, passed the weekend at the home of their respective relatives.

Ralph Stone and wife, of Ann Arbor, visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Stone, on Saturday.

Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Riebel, of Bay City, and their two children, John and Harold, spent a day at Albright Park.

Mrs. E. L. Tobias and son, Justin, of Buffalo, N.Y., are enjoying a visit at the home of their cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klumpp and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Morlock, Sr., and their son, Jacob, Jr., left on Friday for a two weeks visit with relatives in Chicago, Illinois.

From a trip to their home in Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Faist returned last Saturday. On Sunday, after attending services at Albright Park, they left with their two daughters, Betty and Dorothy, to spend a longer time at their cottage at Epworth Heights.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Werner, of Royal Oak, after spending a week camping at Otsego, called Saturday on friends and relatives on their return home.

Mrs. George Goodburn has been visiting at Morrice and Owosso during the past week. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Simons, of Morrice, who will make a two weeks visit with her friend.

110 Years Ago

AUGUST 31, 1906



Twice a year we have clearance sales – we’ll not carry stock from one season to another if it will sell at any price. Not one garment can get a license to stay in our store more than four months.

Costs us a lot of money to stick to this policy, but we cheerfully pay this price for the prestige of having lines of clothing always fresh, of the latest patterns and correct in style.

Here are a few of our offerings:

$14.00 to $16.00 SUITS for $12.00.

$10.00 to $12.00 SUITS for $8.00.

You can’t afford to pass it.


Dealer in Modern Merchandise



Grant L. Brown, of Flushing, State Bank Examiner, was here to look over our bank on Thursday. He found things satisfactory.

Mrs. O. C. Talbott and three daughters, of Ottawa, Ohio, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Odell and family for two weeks.

Miss Florence Blakely is visiting her grandparents at Detroit.

Mrs. Edward Creith is here from Ironton, Ohio, to visit her friends.

Miss Bessie Allen entertained about 20 young ladies and gentlemen at a corn roast on the lawn of her home last night.

Dr. W. Conover returned Thursday from his trip to Europe.

Frank Seath had his left hand badly bruised Sunday night when it was caught in the pumps at the water works.

Wheat 68 cents per bushel, oats 25 cents.

Evart’s four-man cement gang laid 25 ½ yards of walk in four days. This is the largest amount they ever laid.

Ed. Warren and wife, of Detroit are here to visit Mr. Warren’s mother.

130 Years Ago

AUGUST 27, 1886


Miss Jennie Osborn, of East Saginaw, and Miss Antha Beebe, of St. John, Mich., are visiting at C. A. Waffle’s.

Mrs. Ira Partridge, of Adrian, is visiting her daughters, Mrs. W. H. Staninger and Mrs. G. W. McLauchlin, of Osceola Township.

T. R. Williams has our thanks for several photographic views of the rear of the Muskegon River drive as it passed through Evart.

Osceola Township Republicans caucus met at the Opera House last Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock, E. C. Cannon, Chairman and Eli P. Wightman, Secretary. The following delegates were appointed: S. F. Dexter, Geo. W. Minchin, Moses Jerome, Eli P. Wightman and E. C. Cannon.

-Dr. J. S. Bare, of East Saginaw, will again be at the Evart House, Evart on Tuesday next from 11 to 8 p.m.

The doctor makes a specialty of all diseases of the rectum, such as piles, fissure, rectal ulcerations, anal ulcer, fistula, polypus, etc., and it is to sufferers from any of these or kindred diseases whom he wishes to call upon him. Consultation and examination free.

-Sealed proposals will be received up to Sept. 10 for claying portions of Main St., according to specifications to be found with the Clerk.