Back in time

30 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 4, 1986



REED CITY – Ribbon cutting ceremonies for the new U.S. 131 freeway were held Thursday, at 10:30 a.m.

Three area bands (Reed City, Pine River and Big Rapids) participated as did over 100 semi-tractor trailers, several politicians and countless interested citizens.

The ceremony was entitled the “New Northwest Passage.”

With the opening of this new stretch of highway, the freeway is now complete to the city limits of




REED CITY – County commissioner Gary Carmichael last week became the second Osceola County commissioner to resign in as many months; Henry Moes having resigned to assume the post of Highland Township Clerk last month.

Carmichael is an eight-year Republican veteran of the commission. His reason for resigning arose from his September 19 acceptance of a position on the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Board. After accepting the position, he said he learned a potential conflict of interest existed and therefore he decided to resign from the county commission.

50 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 3, 1966



Word has been received from the National Music Camp at Interlochen that they have accepted the application of Theresa Coleman in the All State High School Choir.

The scholarship award was given to her by the Evart Community Chorus for her outstanding ability as a vocal student. The scholarship was awarded during the choir’s appearance at the Brooks E.U.B. Church at 7 p.m., Sunday.

At a special election, Chet Junker was elected president and Norm Maney as vice president of the chorus.


Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Greenhoe and two grandsons of Corunna were Saturday evening callers on Mrs. Greenhoe’s mother, Mrs. Alta Pickell.

Last Monday Inez Johnson called on Mrs. Marge King of Reed City and also Hazel Gibson of Baldwin.

Mr. and Mrs. Don King and daughter and children of Grand Rapids were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hammond.

69 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 9, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)



No action was taken, for or against licensing a second tavern in Evart, at the regular meeting of the City Council Tuesday night.

Thomas Coster, Jr., appearing on behalf of himself and partner, H. Haze, Jr., asked the Council to indorse his plan to apply for a resort license. Delegations from the factions opposing granting such a license were on hand and presented petitions which were accepted by the Council and tabled.

It was pointed out that the new law permitting more resort licenses is not yet in effect and that the City could take no action until after that time.

Mr. Coster then requested that the Councilmen give him a character reference and such a letter was prepared.

The Council approved the nomination of John Miller as Justice of the Peace in the City of Evart, filling the post left vacant when Reuben Argue decided not to accept the job after being elected.

The proposed wagon factory came up for discussion and the Councilmen indicated that they would approve turning over two lots south of the roundhouse provides the cooperation of the Conservation Department could be secured.

90 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 5, 1926


Marion News

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brown, who spent some time on a farm near Traverse City, came back to their home here Sunday.

The chicken supper served by the Ladies Aid was a success even though the weather was rainy.

Misses Mildred Morton, Sarah Lewis and Olga Thompson are attending normal school at Mount Pleasant this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elliot attended the Bankers Convention at Greenville last Thursday.

East Hersey

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Steinhoff had dinner Saturday with their father, Fred Frisble and supper with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Vance.

Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson visited their daughter, Mrs. Thelma Grein, in Grand Rapids Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday they drove to Holland to see the convict ship on exhibition there.

Herschel Seaberry accompanied by his mother and sister, Mrs. Norman Deering, went to Muskegon Saturday. Sunday they drove to Lansing, where they visited friends, returning home Monday evening.

110 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 2, 1906



East County Line

Messrs. Miles, Cox, Greenwood, Steel and their families spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoffmeyer. They were from across the river.

W. C. Hickok has logged and burned 10 acres for Charley Croton in 15 days, and did the work without the aid of a horse.

Art. Carpenter has moved his house on the north side of the Doc and Tom. Mr. Charlton did the work.

Cutting corn is the order of the day.

Mrs. I. Fisher is quite sick with a fever at present.


We just “imagined” John

Adams was building that high fence around the grove for a deer preserve, but on inquiry we learned it was as park for chickens.

Tilman Adams has been unable to do manual labor for two weeks on account of some serious skin disease affecting his hands and wrists.

Howard Higgins, of Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County, is a visitor at William Berlincourt’s and is so well impressed with the prospects here he has concluded to stay.

A distressing accident befell a young daughter of James Murphy a few weeks ago. Some member of the family was drawing a nail, which, being loosened suddenly, flew and struck the unfortunate child in the eye. Dr. Beeman is treating the injury and expects to save the eyeball, but the sight is lost.

130 Years Ago

NOVEMBER 5, 1886



The Perfect Jewel “takes the cake.” Call and see it. Evart Hardware Co.

See the German Knitting Yarn, four thread, for $1.00 per pound at the Quaker Store.

For a nice, stylish hat or a cheap and durable hat go to the Boston Clothing House.

Millinery and Dressmaking done at Mrs. Benson’s.

New Saxonys in Black, Cream, Scarlet, Blue and Cream White are now in stock, all new goods, at the Quaker Store.

Odd Coats and Vests cheap at Davy & Co.

Wildberg & Co. offer Special Bargains in Clothing; go and see them.