Back in Time

30 Years Ago

OCTOBER 7, 1986



Evart experienced a total rainfall of 17.08 inches during September according to records kept at the Evart Wastewater Plant. Fay Sebring said there was measurable rainfall on 16 of the 30 days in September.

Rainfall totals by day were: 4th, .56; 10th, 2.15; 11th, 6.40; 12th, 1.14; 15th, .97; 16th, .12; 18th, .14; 20th, .26; 22nd, .91; 23rd, .63; 24th, .04; 25th, .08; 26th, .73; 27th, 1.04; 29th, .80, and 30th, 1.11.

River readings for

September by day were (R indicates rising water; F indicates falling): 1st, 6.95 ft.; 11th, 10.11 R; 12th, 10.54 R; 15th, 10.55 R; 16th, 10.38 F; 22nd, 9.76 F; 23rd, 10.37 R; 26th, 10.49 R; 27th, 11.28 R; 28th, 11.25 F; 29th, 11.10 F; and 30th, 11.73 R.

The river crested on the 30th at 11.73 feet and has been falling since. Flood stage at Evart is 12 feet. In March of this year the river reached a peak of 12.15 feet.


Bike-a-thon chairman, Bill Hoke, today asked Evart residents to join the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital “Wheels for Life” Bike-a-thon slated for October 11, at Evart High School.

Sponsors donating a sum for each mile completed are enlisted by riders. All riders turning in money will receive a certificate. Those who raise $25 receive a certificate and a St. Jude T-shirt.

50 Years Ago

OCTOBER 13, 1966



Three deer-car accidents were reported by the State Police during the past week.

Allen F. Pennee, 17, of Marion, hit a deer on the North Centerline Road in Hartwick Township early last Wednesday morning and had to have his car hauled away. The deer was turned over to the Conservation Department.

Judith Forgar, 22, of St. Louis, hit a deer on U.S. 10 just west of the Ingersoll Road Friday evening. She was able to drive her car away and kept the deer.

Marshall L. Jensen, of Evart, hit a deer on the Dillman Road in Osceola Township Saturday evening. The conservation Department removed the deer and Jensen was able to drive his car away.



The Michigan Junior Angus Association held its organizational meeting at the Michigan Angus Field Day on the campus of Michigan State University.

Officers were elected and they are: President, Duane Feikema of Evart; first Vice President, Jim Crissman of Caledonia; Second Vice President, Dennis Good of Charlotte and Secretary/Treasurer, Pat O’Mara of Lake Odessa.

69 Years Ago

OCTOBER 9, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)



The Osceola County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee met at the court room in Reed City Tuesday.

Mrs. Karker acted as discussion leader, directing the talks given by Sergeant Peters of the Michigan State Police, Probate Judge Johnson, Osceola County School Commissioner and Probation Officer Wilcox, and High School Principal Norman.

The subject was “Increase in Child Delinquency in Rural Areas.” Any city under 10,000 population is considered rural.

The consensus of opinion seemed to be that juvenile delinquency was caused by many conditions, the most important of which were:

1. Lack of Parental supervision.

2. Lack of constructive industry. The saying is that a busy child is never delinquent.

3. Interference between parents in correcting a child.

4. Discord between parents in the home,

5. Broken homes.

6. Movies depicting crime, violence and sex.

One problem stated was that many people send their children to school too young.

The school commissioner and high school principal both stated that most normal children are not physically able to make the adjustment necessary for the confining work at school before the age of 5 ½ or 6 and that their eyes are not developed enough to attempt the close work required at school.

90 Years Ago

OCTOBER 15, 1926 



The Michigan Department of Health, through its Bureau of Child Hygiene and Public Health Nursing, is responsible for the special health program which has recently been started in Osceola County. Miss Bertha Karkau, a graduate nurse, is loaned to the county for a period of one year to do special educational work among the mothers throughout the county. A preliminary survey was made of the physicians in the county and the proposed plan was submitted to them and accepted by them.

Miss Karkau will call on every physician in the county and secure a list of patients on whom the physicians wish her to call. She will also confer with the physicians as to just what advice each one wishes given his patients as to diet, hygiene and medical supervision during pregnancy. She will then call on these patients and, under the physician’s orders, will supervise them until the birth of the baby.

The aim is to lower the infant and maternal mortality rates and to educate the mothers of Osceola County as to the need of proper care before and after the birth of the baby.

Miss Karkau will make her headquarters first at Evart and later on at Reed City, but she will make calls in all parts of the county except when the roads are impassable. She will particularly try to reach the isolated parts of the county, from which it is difficult for the mothers to get to a physician frequently.

It is hoped that Miss Karkau will meet with an enthusiastic response from the women in the county and that she may be a real help to all expectant mothers in the county.

110 Years Ago

OCTOBER 12, 1906



Mr. Ridgeway has purchased some acreage north of Jefferson Street from Birdsall and Davy, and is preparing to build a house.

The W.C.T.U. will hold a mothers’ meeting at the home of Mrs. Samuel Shore on Wednesday to which all are invited.

Mr. Brownson and Paul Allured went this morning to Ann Arbor to spend a week with Mr. Brownson’s sister and niece and family.

North Orient

The two nieces, who have been visiting S. Derbyshire, returned to their home in Chicago last Wednesday.

Mrs. Hall had a narrow escape from getting badly hurt by falling down stairs Tuesday night.

The hotel at Chippewa Station is full of railroad men who are laying steel east of the depot.

Ida Cornish has returned from Port Huron, where she has been for the past two months.

Mr. and Mrs. DuFord attended services at the Catholic Church at Evart Wednesday.

East Sylvan

The Wise family expect to move into the new house this week.

Mrs. Ferguson moved onto their place Wednesday.

Mrs. Nichols entertained Wm. Bullis and Mr. and Mrs. Gallup at dinner Sunday.

Elvia Gallup has been entertaining a cold of late.