Back in Time

50 Years Ago

SEPTEMBER 22, 1966



Since the U.S. military buildup in Vietnam, our local Red Cross Chapter has experienced a substantial increase in assistance to servicemen and their dependents.

Here in Osceola County, Mrs. Lawrence Conrad of Reed City is the worker responsible for Red Cross Service to Military families.

Over 33 percent of the funds raised by the Red Cross in Osceola County are spent in providing services to men in the military services and their dependents.

Nationwide, emergency messages to and from Vietnam now exceed 300 per day. Each message concerns a problem involving an American serviceman and his family – death, illness, children in difficulties, or financial need.



Action on closing an alley to facilitate construction of a new supermarket by Ernest Orton was again delayed by the City Council at its regular meeting held Tuesday night.

Some opposition to the closing was presented at the special meeting held a week ago when letters were received from Robert Holihan and Fred W. Fleming.

The Council voted Tuesday to postpone action either until the next regular meeting, or until a special meeting to permit further study and clarification of some aspects of the proposal.

69 Years Ago

SEPTEMBER 25, 1947

(1946 microfilm missing from library)


Earl E. O’Beshaw, manager of Michigan Bell Telephone Company, has announced that while asking for a rate increase of $10,400,000 annually, the company will propose a new type of extended area service that will permit users to call nearby exchanges “with the same community of interest without paying toll charges,” O’Beshaw said.

Under the proposal Reed City, Evart, Marion, LeRoy and Hersey users will be able to call each other without the levy of a toll charge.

The proposed new flat-rates are:

Individual line - $2.75.

2-Party line – from $1.65 to $2.25.

4-Party line – from $1.35 to $2.00.

Rural line residences from $1.50 to $2.00.



Mrs. Lola Speicher, executive secretary of the Red Cross chapter of Osceola County, announced this week the purchase of a hospital bed and invalid walker for use of residents of the county. There is no charge for this service.

The hospital bed is now vacant while the invalid walker is being used by Miss Estella Newcomb of LeRoy.

90 Years Ago

SEPTEMBER 24, 1926



Report of the Osceola County Cow testing Association for the month of August has been released.

In the 26 herds tested 270 were milking, 24 dry.

Number of cows producing 40 to 50 pounds of fat – 23.

Number of cows producing 50 to 55 pounds of fat – 2.

Number of cows producing above 55 pounds of fat – 3.

Owner of the cow with the greatest production of butterfat was Russell McLachlan of Evart. His grade Holstein produced 1234 pounds of milk and 69.1 pounds of butter fat.

Owner of the herd with the greatest average in butter fat was Henry Theil, of Hersey. His 13 grade shorthorns produced 877 pounds of milk and 38.6 pounds of butter fat.

T. H. Bray, tester in charge.


Mrs. Lena Breggs, Mrs. Maggie Hinkley and Mrs. C. Sparks called on Grandma Eastman Tuesday afternoon as she is not well.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Nessie and family, of Detroit, and Mrs. Pearl Bownson and father, of Saginaw, are visiting at the Alex Jamerson home.

In order to prevent forest fires they are going to plant fire-proof trees in Southern France. How would you like to get lost in a concrete forest?

110 Years Ago

SEPTEMBER 28, 1906



On Tuesday, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.) ladies made their annual visit to the county farm.

They found a most convenient and hospitable stopping place at the home of Mr. Gibbons, where a fine lunch was spread for their enjoyment.

The company were given a warm welcome at the farm by Mr. and Mrs. McCracken and the inmates for whom it was quite a gala day.

During the social hour when the halls were filled with lively instrumental music and singing, one lady exclaimed, “Oh, how I do like to be where it’s so happy.”

Mr. Haist and some of the young people assisted in the service which was a very impressive one and after distributing flowers the company drove away feeling that the day had been one long to be remembered.


John Wallace, of Pittsburg, is here buying and shipping apples.

Miss Nellie Braley, who has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Bonesteel, for a few weeks, returned to her home at Saginaw, Monday.

Manager Beeman has engaged the Chicago Ladies’ Military Band, consisting of thirty lady musicians, for a future concert which is guaranteed to be a first-class attraction.

Mrs. John A. Gilbert and two little daughters, of Lima, Ohio, arrived on Wednesday and will be the guest of the former’s sister, Mrs. Geo. W. Minchin for a few weeks.

130 Years Ago

SEPTEMBER 24, 1886


For special bargains in Clothing call on Boston Clothing House.

Latest Styles in Boucle and Astrakhan Jackets for fall wear at Davy & Co.

DON’T READ Evart Hdw. Co.’s Adv.

New Quaker Cheese, cream laid, only 12 cts per pound at the Quaker Store.

Two Hundred watches received this week by Frank A. True.

New Patterns in Torsion Lace warranted to be all Linen, widths from 1 to 13, at the Quaker Store.

Paris Green. The genuine stuff at prices as low as the lowest atHibbard’s.

New Sailor Hats for Children at Mrs. D. A. Warren’s.


The Manistee Sentinel makes the announcement that the paper will be consolidated with the Times. This arrangement was brought about by the disagreement of the proprietors upon the course to be pursued during the campaign, both being Republicans; but one, Mr. App. Smith, being sour on account of failure to get the postoffice, wanted to run it in the interest of the Prohibition party. The Times has been a first-class high-toned paper since the renegade Smith left it, and Mr. Madison will add strength to the editorial management.