BACK IN TIME — March 29, 2017

30 Years Ago

MARCH 24, 1987

The PI Box

Saturday morning, Dame Nature trying to figure out if she should snow, rain, or just be nasty, and ye editor is feeling a little feisty.

I wouldn’t want to live in the Detroit Metro area, but there is a feeling that people around here are a little pious about “our” lack of crime when the murder rate for the county, based on population, is about equal to the City of Detroit.

Given all the publicity about AIDS in the broadcast and print media, maybe, just maybe, enough parents around here will not want to answer the question “What’s a condom?” and start demanding a sex education program in the school system. It is long, long overdue.

On the more gentle side of things, there is nothing more warm and wonderful than cuddling up with a four-year-old and having her show you her day’s pictures, drawn by her “very own hand.”

50 Years Ago

MARCH 30, 1967



West Evart

The Bob Delines spent Sunday with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeFoy of Clare.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Peel and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Schrock of Avondale were callers at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Ray Cornelius Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Beatrice Hill subscribed to the Review for Mrs. Hazel Gibson of Baldwin and Mrs. Gibson says she really enjoys her Review as it is just like letters from home.

Mr. and Mrs. Merlen Hoop and son, Floyd, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bodman, called on Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Thomson one day last week.

Zelma Ferguson was a Wednesday caller of Mrs. Francis Martin and Dale. Mrs. Don Fry, of Reed City, called Thursday.

~ ~ ~

North Cedar

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McQuestion, of Rose Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Truman and family spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Truman and family.

Bessie Kenney is spending time with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Lindquist and family at Rockford.

Janie Weck has returned back to her college work at Kalamazoo after a long weekend at home.

69 Years Ago

MARCH 27, 1947


N. W. Hartwick

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Williams, the man with the blue suit, brass buttons and whistle, of Marion, helped Mr. and Mrs. Edd McDonald sing a song at dinner Sunday.

Manfred Johnson, formerly of Tustin, but more recently a guest of Uncle Sam, has been spending a few days at home before continuing his term of “guesthood” for his dear Uncle.

~ ~ ~




Thursday – The South Centerline Farm Bureau will meet in the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Delbert McLachlan.

Thursday – The Catholic Women’s Club will meet in the evening at the home of Mrs. Freda Rohen.

Friday – The Past Noble Grand Club will meet with Mrs. Ralph Custer in the afternoon.

Friday – The WCTU will meet at 8 p.m. in the Methodist Church parlors. Rev. Clough will speak. Subject: Temperance legislation. A cordial invitation is extended to both men and women to attend this meeting.

Sunday – A tenth district meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliaries will be held at two o’clock p.m. at Clare.

Sunday – The Loyal Temperance Legion will meet at the Methodist Church at 3:30 p.m. All boys and girls invited. Mrs. C. Morgan will have charge of the lesson.

Monday – E.W.C. will meet at 8 o’clock in the Home Economics room at school. Mrs. F. N. Hubbard in charge of program.

90 Years Ago

MARCH 25, 1927


The Roger Windall barn was destroyed by fire Sunday afternoon. All contents lost with the exception of two calves.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. M. Major, of Hartwick, announce the marriage of their daughter, Vera, to L. J. Bradford, of Clare, on Sunday week.

The interior of the American Logging Tool Company received slight damage from a fire, quickly quenched  by employees, on Thursday.

The bronze tablet affixed to Osceola County’s first school house has been unveiled at Pioneer Park.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Arndt entertained the Avondale Sunday School last Friday.

Misses Gladys and Lucy Kirshbaum, Myrtle Shore and Lottie Seath have been giving programs around the area regarding their tour of Europe which took place last summer.

110 Years Ago

MARCH 29, 1907



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130 Years Ago

MARCH 25, 1887


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