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3 products to keep you cool while hiking

You'll want all of these tools to keep cool on a summer hike.

MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat - UPF 50, $19.88 at Amazon

MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat – UPF 50, $19.88 at Amazon


The earth is getting hotter. Many areas in the United States experienced intense heat waves during June and July of 2021. While you should always be cautious of heat stroke and heat exhaustion (know the symptoms), high temperatures don’t necessarily mean you have to postpone your hike (but do try to avoid hiking during the hottest part of the day for your own safety). These three products will help to keep you cool while hiking in the summer.

Cooling Hat

Providing shade for your head and face goes a long way in keeping you cool(er) while out on the trails. Any billed hat or bucket hat will do the trick but, if you want to up your game, try one of these cooling hats from Mission. 

Water activates these lightweight and foldable hats to cool them off in 30 seconds. Simply wet the hat, wring it out, wave it, and put it on your head.

Cooling Bucket Hat

MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat- UPF 50

Cooling Baseball Cap

Mission Cooling Performance Hat- Men’s & Women’s Cap, UPF 50 Sun Protection

Hydration pack

Staying hydrated is key to avoiding heat exhaustion. When out hiking in the heat, carrying a hydration pack that holds two to three liters of water will make sure you have access to liquids when you need them. While any temperature of water will hydrate you, cold water will also make you feel cooler. Keep your hydration bladder in the refrigerator when you aren’t using it and add ice to the water to keep it colder longer. You can also purchase an insulation sleeve for your bladder. I like this bladder and sleeve by Free Move. I’ve used it on many day hikes during the summer in Southern Spain and Morocco and was consistently surprised at how cold my water remained throughout the day.

Hydration Bladder & Cooler Bag

2L Hydration Bladder and Cooler Bag

Neck Gaiter (wet) or Cooling Towel

I used to work on film sets during Texas summers and we’d all implement the cold neck towel tactic to try and stay cool when out in the sun, heat, and humidity for hours. While we used simple neck gaiters and even just regular old t-shirts, you can (of course) purchase cooling towels made specifically for this purpose.

4 Packs Cooling Towel

4 Packs Cooling Towel

Chill Pal Neck Gaiter

Chill Pal Neck Gaiter Face Mask Cooling Towel
Chill Pal

And one other tip when it's super-hot and you need to quickly lower your body temperature: ice cubes on the wrists or backs of the knees will instantly cool you off.