I think I hate running errands in a mask because of the on-and-off nature. I get out of the car, put my mask on, take my mask off when I get back to the car, and then repeat for every store. It is a stupid thing to be annoyed about, sure, but it is also probably why some companies make masks with neck ties.

If you also hate the on-and-off nature of wearing a mask, you can eliminate it by wearing a face mask with a tie you can wear around your neck. You can stop stuffing your mask in your pocket or bag, only to need to take it right back out again a few minutes later. Instead, you can just wear the mask around your neck and pop it on & off as needed.

Assorted 4-Pack Adult Face Masks - Nordstrom

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Right now, you can get a four-pack of these Nordstrom masks for 40% off. The masks are machine washable and reusable. They are double-layer masks that offer snug nose-to-chin coverage in a comfortable jersey fabric with a built-in cotton filter pocket (filter not included).