Jasmine Roth Reveals 'the Worst' Ever Kitchen Mistake

Jasmine Roth sees bad DIY renovations all the time, but on the latest "Help! I Wrecked My House," she finds her clients may have actually made their home more dangerous than ever.

In the episode "Help! I'm a Demo Addict," Roth meets Liz and Anthony at their Glendora, CA, home. This couple knows the house needed some updates, but when Anthony started attempting a makeover, he created a nonstop construction zone. While Liz, Anthony, and their three kids are already tired of these unfinished projects, Roth points out that the exposed gas lines in the kitchen could lead to gas leaks, and must be fixed pronto.

Roth has just $60,000 and 30 days to finish this renovation and create a safe, comfortable home for this family of five. Here's how she puts this home back together, with plenty of tips you might be inspired to try (or avoid) in your own abode.

Be careful when it comes to kitchen safety

This kitchen was certainly dated.


One of the biggest problems with Anthony's DIY project is his work in the kitchen. He had wanted to create an island, so he demolished part of the peninsula. In the process, he exposed a gas line, which Roth says could be extremely dangerous.

"As far as this kitchen goes, this is the worst I've seen," she says.

Roth ends up giving Anthony his island and even adds a long table onto the end, creating a perfect cooking and dining area.

"That's going to be the perfect space," Roth says.

When the island and table are finished, they look beautiful. With quartz counters, new cabinets, and what Roth calls an "heirloom quality" oak table, it's a huge improvement on Anthony's DIY job—and much safer, too.

Now, the kitchen looks better than ever.


Measure before you change the floors

front door
After Anthony took out the tile, this entryway was a mess.


Roth finds that Anthony has demolished a lot of this home, from poking holes in the walls to removing kitchen cabinets. He's even ripped up the tile in the entryway. And while taking out tile can be challenging, the real problem is finding the right replacement.

Roth wants to lay down a new brick entryway, but is worried that standard-size bricks will force her to also raise the door so it can still swing open. Her solution may surprise you.

entryway brick
Typical brick wouldn't have been able to fit under the door.


"This is a thin brick material, so it's actually brick but it's thinner," Roth tells Liz and Anthony about the new flooring. "So that way, we were able to use it and not block your door."

It's a smart choice and could serve as a lesson for DIY homeowners who are planning to replace their floors. While it's important to get the right look, it's just as important that new flooring is the right height.

Skip the wallpaper in favor of DIY paint

This bathroom didn't look terrible—but it felt a little boring.


In the bathroom, Roth finds a big hole in the shower where Anthony had started a project.

Luckily, Roth finds that there is no water damage in the shower, so she's able to focus on upgrading this bathroom's style. She wants to keep the budget low, so she's happy to get a hand-me-down vanity from general contractor Scott Cross. She also gets creative with the walls.

"We were really clever with the budget," Roth says. "Instead of using wallpaper, I hand-painted the wall."

Jasmine Roth
Jasmine Roth works on an inexpensive design for the bathroom.


Painting the wall herself saves money, and it creates a one-of-a-kind feature. It's a project that homeowners could easily do themselves—if they have some artistic flair.

bathroom wall
Roth gave this bathroom a lot of style for a small amount of money.


Can't demo a wall? Make it a feature

dividing wall
This wall is in the way, but unfortunately, it can't be removed.


Liz and Anthony hate the cumbersome dividing wall in their living room, but Roth soon realizes that the wall is structural and can't be removed. So she decides to wrap this wall in old wood so that the family will see it as a style feature rather than a hindrance.

dividing wall
Now, the awkward wall is a statement piece.


"Scott and I basically took old wooden floorboards, and we ripped them in half," Roth says of the new paneling. "It's vintage, it's rustic, and putting something in a brand-new house that's old immediately gives it character."

Liz and Anthony love the look. Adding paneling is a great way to make an unwanted wall look like a must-have feature.

Use steel for a modern fireplace

This fireplace just looked dated.


It seems the one spot Anthony didn't demo is the fireplace. Still, Roth knows that he'd appreciate a modern upgrade here, too.

"He loves anything that's like kind of that industrial vibe. So, my hope is, this fireplace is really going to appeal to his design sensibilities," Roth says. "We're installing three steel panels, and they're going to completely cover what was there before."

This fireplace certainly looks more modern now.


She spends $2,000 on these steel panels, and in the end, the new fireplace looks much more modern. Plus since Roth didn't demo the existing fireplace, she is able to save on labor costs.

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