A Retro RV Resort in Arkansas Needs a New Owner To Keep the Seller's Dream Alive

A vintage trailer resort—charmingly dubbed Flamingo Springs—in Prairie Grove, AR, is available for $1,890,000. The whimsical property grabbed the web's attention and topped our list of Most Popular Homes.

In 2016, a young couple moved to the Natural State from California and purchased the 60-acre property for $167,500. The pair—who had previously built movie sets—dreamed of turning the land into an eclectic Palm Springs-inspired RV park. They had hoped to live and raise their family there.

"I helped my clients for a year and a half locate this piece of land," says Rene Guin-Salazar, of Keller Williams Market Pro Realty, Bentonville. "It was their dream to build this."

A change of plan

After they obtained the necessary approvals, the couple's vision for Flamingo Springs began to take shape.

Trailer exterior


Trailer interior


"Things were finally being built at that point, and they had two baby boys," she says. "The husband was then diagnosed with stomach cancer."

Sadly, he passed away last year.

"This was to be their dream home where they would live forever," Guin-Salazar says. "Their intent was to live there and keep adding trailers."

While the owner has decided to move on, a buyer will acquire Flamingo Springs as a turnkey vacation-rental business.

Retro RV delights

The park's seven trailers each offer a unique TV-show theme inside, ranging from "Schitt's Creek" to "Friends." Guests of Flamingo Springs can rent the trailers by the night or the week, and each one comes with a fun name—like "The Pink Fuzzy Unicorn" and "Pour Some Shasta On Me."

Each trailer is set apart for some privacy, and they're all situated around a pool in the center of the property.

Trailers and pool


Owner's living area


Unlimited potential

Best of all, the property owners can live on site.

"The couple lived in the metal building that is essentially a house, gaming room, and rec area," Guin-Salazar says. "Nationwide, if you look at trends, people are moving toward unique experiences. If you want to live and work at home, this is one of those dream deals."

Part of the land could also be sectioned for long-term RV parking, which could bring in additional income.

"The 60-acre property is unrestricted, so there are lots of different things you could do," Guin-Salazar says. "It's the most wonderful, creative, artistic property you can find. They knew what they wanted to create, and the most beautiful part of my job has been seeing it come to fruition."

But there's more

In addition to the clubhouse and trailers, there's a newly constructed farmhouse on its own adjacent 2-acre lot. It needs some minor work to complete.



Farmhouse interior


The home was being built as a residence for the owner's parents, who had moved to the property to help with their grandchildren.

"A lot of people have a dream. ... These people did it," Guin-Salazar says. "The speed in which they created this business is not what most of us are able to achieve. Cancer was the only thing that stopped this train."

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